Rinnaradioloogia kursus Kreekas

11.-13. juunil 2020 toimub Ateenas rinnaradioloogia kursus “Multimodality Breast Imaging and Image – Guided Interventions”. Täpsem info on siin ja registreerumise blankett siin.

The Course is arranged by IBUS and the Scientific Society of Mastology Treatment Support (E.M.E.I.S.). It is also recommended by the European School of Oncology (ESO).

The course is suitable for clinicians with basic and advanced knowledge, and consists of lectures, interactive case studies and practical “hands-on” workshop sessions. Topics have been selected to provide a broad information base in which breast imaging techniques, interpretation criteria and interventional procedures are integrated to reflect recent technological improvements. The “hands-on” workshops form an essential part of the course, and provide the opportunity to participate in teaching sessions with faculty members.